Mr.  Bharat Kumar Shrestha – Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Bharat Kumar Shrestha is a renowned business person. He started bedroom product manufacturing industry in 1990. Mr. Shrestha is an innovative entrepreneur who initiated the production of spring mattresses in the South Asian Region. He introduced coconut coir mattress (compaction of coconut coir and polyester staple fiber) in this area. He has an in-depth knowledge of the bedroom products and furniture manufacturing industry. He is also a promoter and Managing Director of Classic Trading Pvt. Ltd., an export import company.

He has very good experience of restaurant business also.

He has started manufacturing business as a small scale cottage industry and brought up the business to be the largest industry in its scope in Nepal.

Mr. Shrestha is an innovator and dedicates his time in analyzing the needs of the market and plans for meeting such needs. Market trend analysis, industry analysis and product diversification are his passion. He insists on being a true leader through innovation, brand enhancement and sales volume. His great experience in this field is leading the company towards a vertical growth. Leading the innovation, he says, “We are the responsible trend setters.”

Mrs.  Mandira Bhuju Shrestha – Executive Director

Mrs. Mandira Bhuju Shrestha is an established business woman having her investment in different areas of business. She is a promoter of various industries and trading companies. After her marriage with Mr. Bharat Kumar Shrestha, the Chairman and Managing Director of Classic Industries Pvt. Ltd. in 1997, Mrs. Shrestha started to join her creative hands in the brand design and development works of Classic products. Mrs. Shrestha is the sole promoter and Executive Director of Himalayan Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd., promoter/ director of Adira Floors Pvt. Ltd., promoter/ director of Adira Textiles Pvt. Ltd. and promoter/ director of Classic Trading House Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Shrestha is dedicatedly involved in various social and humanitarian works. In her leisure, she spends her time in supporting the underprivileged people of different communities by assisting for their daily needs, education and health.

Classic Healthcare Products is established with a sacred imagination of a healthy society.

She believes in coexistence and right to all.

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