Vision :

    • To be the leader and the trendsetter in the manufacture of bedroom products.
    • To provide a comfortable and healthier sleep to the ultimate users.
    • To make a motivating benefit to all stakeholders.
    • To manage an inspiring and motivating work environment with convincing growth potential to the employees.


    • To manufacture world class bedroom products with complete quality assurance.
    • To meet the comfortable sleeping need of all level customers.
    • To upgrade lower economy class to healthier sleep through approachable pricing.
    • To manage an effective reach to the ultimate users through advertisements, distribution network and sales and marketing approach.
    • To add an emotional value through up-gradation.

Values :

    • Company: Determined to be the trend setter.
    • Product: Dedicated to a healthier sleep and a refreshed morning.
    • Partners: Enthusiastic togetherness.
    • Employees: Innovative and goal focused team.
    • Ultimate Users: Genuine advocates of our quality.
    • Passion: We care.

Objectives :

    • To focus on office administration.
    • To optimize the productivity and performance of the team and machineries.
    • To manage the cash flows for growing profitability and net worth of the company.
    • To upgrade sales & marketing effectiveness.
    • To address the customers need and satisfaction.
    • To apply sound workplace safety measures.
    • To develop leadership quality of the employees through trainings and seminars.
    • To provide periodic growth potential to the team.
    • To plan for long term retention of the employees.
    • To use advanced technologies in production, recording and reporting areas.
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