Luxury Euro Top Mattress - Classic Mattress
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Luxury Euro Top Mattress

The Luxury Eurotop is the epitome of comfort, luxury, and craftsmanship in the entire mattress industry. This is an innerspring mattress that has multiple layers of springs. This is an extra soft/plush mattress and is best suited for people who want to buy a luxury mattress for the best comfortable sleeping experience.

This mattress was specifically designed to provide you with the ‘Floating-in-the-air’ experience that is created with innovative technology. This is a EuroTop mattress that is designed to provide you with maximum comfort throughout the night. A bonnell-coil spring in the comfort layer provides a floating-in-the-air effect for body contouring.


Thickness (inch)

Upto 60 kgs


14 years


Firm-Back Support Series