We are the pioneer in manufacturing bedroom products in Nepal. With our early establishment in 1990, spring mattress segment was exclusively included in our product range targeting all tourist class hotels in the country.
Promoters of the company have given strong emphasis on completely ethical business strategy. This thought has motivated the team to go further with the concern of our valued customers. We are aware of all formal and social regulations and do follow the standard as well.

We are always guided by the customer’s need and their ultimate satisfaction. To address the healthy sleep of the medium class customers, coir mattress was included in our production in 2014.

Company understands the essence of a comfortable and healthy sleep after a hectic and prolonged day end. A refreshed get up leads to an energized and fruitful time.

We have made a plan to reach all households with a varied range of products. All class of customers are kept in our focus and made the products to meet their diversified needs.

We have completely discouraged the use of harmful chemicals and low quality components in our products.
We want to add an extra value in the satisfaction of our customers by making them delighted after every contended sleep.

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